Added value in light

The early days

WACO is an internationally active manufacturer of lighting fixtures and has been providing lighting solutions since the late eighties. During the early days the main focus was architectural and residential applications offering decorative spotlights and downlights.

Taking shape

After the colorful nineties the purely decorative WACO product range matured to a more technical one, providing retail solutions. WACO introduced quite a unique and user-friendly configurator into its product offer, allowing all kinds of source mixing into one multi-source fixture (halogen, compact fluorescent, metal halide to even speaker units). It quickly became clear that retail solutions and a personalized approach always go hand in hand. The WACO business into providing lighting solutions where it started as producing lighting fixtures.

Entering the Fagerhult Group

In 2007 WACO became a member of the Fagerhult Group, strengthening its commercial position in central Europe and the Nordics. WACO contributed greatly to international retail projects, thanks to quick prototyping and flexible logistic support. Ten years later, WACO operates locally and autonomously with the support of the group’s technical knowledge and purchasing strength.

WACO today

Today WACO is supported by a close-knit network of suppliers which allows to be agile and responsive, both for standard products as for custom designs.

The WACO team is a tight one, uniting many years of expertise and experience. Still innovating and continuously pursuing added value in light. Reactivity and flexibility are the keywords that define both the WACO product design philosophy as well as the daily way of working, aiming to provide lighting solutions, from high end designs to cost efficient luminaires in a variety of market segments; hotels, retail, offices, …

Our products and solutions

We invite you to browse through our current assortment which is being updated on a frequent basis. Feel free to get in touch if the products shown need further fine-tuning to meet your specific requirements.

Lighting solutions, not just lighting fixtures.